In Sierra West, you do more than just explore the map. In this game for 1-4 players (there’s a solo version), you lead an expedition westward — maybe a search for gold, or maybe lead a wagon train to set up some homesteads. The maps are not only different each time, they include four different modules: Apple Hill, Gold Rush, Outlaws & Outposts, and Boats & Banjos! 

The game as a whole is of medium weight; while there’s a bit to keep track of, the rules themselves are simple. During the setup, players choose the “mode” of the game; during the game, there’s a lot of deck building and worker placement.

In Apple Hill, you find bountiful hills teeming with trees full of tasty apples — Granny Smith and Red Delicious! In Boats & Banjos, you navigate rivers full of big fish (not to mention gold nuggets!) . . . but who’s playing that spooky banjo music?

In Gold Rush, it’s time to stake your claim and start panning. Better keep your dynamite dry! And as you might expect, in Outlaws & Outposts  it’s time to protect your cabins and wagons from a gang of low-down dirty snakes. Capture the Most Wanted troublemakers and turn them into the hoosegow for bounty!

These modules can only be used one at a time. But Johnny’s promised more modules in 2020! And besides Johnny himself, others are being created by special designer guests!

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