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First up: We use potions, magic, and monsters to capture majestic one horned beasts in Magical Unicorn Quest
Next up:  We head to the market with a pop up plan for success in Mercado de Lisboa
And lastly: We ride the rails in search of holiday bliss in All Aboard: Around the World Train Game

Magical Unicorn Quest

Designed by: Andrew Kuplic
Published by: Flame Point Games (2019)
Players: 2 – 6
Ages: 8 & up
Playing time: 20 – 40 min

Magical Unicorn Quest is a strategy card game in which adventurers must journey through the Magical Forest to find a Golden Unicorn and a Majestic Unicorn. 

There are five quick phases on your turn to search the Magical Forest:

  • Draw a card
  • Play one Potion card
  • Play one Mystical Being card
  • Activate all beings in the stable to your right and to your left
  • Discard down to 7 cards 

There are also Mystical Magic cards, which can be played at any time of the game by any player. Be the first player to have one of each unicorn in one of your stables, and your MUQ will be complete.

Mercado de Lisboa

Designed by: Vital Lacerda, Julián Pombo
Published by: Eagle-Gryphon Games (2021)
Players: 1 – 4
Ages: 8 & up
Playing time: 30 – 45 min

In Mercado de Lisboa players buy stands in a bustling market, open new businesses that influence those stands, and bring customers to them. The market is a 5 by 5 grid. At the end of each row and column is a market entrance, where the customers will be placed. Your goal is to try and bring customers into the market entrances that contain your stands and earn money.

Players take one of 4 actions on their turn:

  • open a stand
  • open a restaurant
  • bring customers
  • take a coin

Place your stands strategically adjacent to restaurants of similar types to earn more profit. Place the right kind of customers in the entrances of rows and columns to earn multiplier bonuses. Be careful when placing customers, because if your opponents have stands in those rows and columns, they can earn money also.

The game ends when there are only 4 open market spaces, only 4 open customer spaces left, or if everyone effectively “passes” by taking the one coin as their action. The marketeer with the most money at the end of the game is the winner and the master of Mercado de Lisboa.

All Aboard: Around the World Train Game

Designed by: (Uncredited)
Published by: Talking Tables (2016)
Players: 2 – 8
Ages: 7 to 70!
Playing time: ~ 15 – 30 min

In All Aboard: Around the World Train Game travel in style, stopping off at exotic locations to take in the sights. Watch out for obstacles that will slow down your journey, like leaves on the line, and hope to be sped up by express routes.

Each passenger boards their train by placing a train token at the start of the train track.

Passengers take turns in a clockwise order; youngest passenger starts. On your turn, roll the dice and move forward that many spaces. If you land on a space with text on it, read out the text and follow the instruction. If you throw a ‘6’ you do not get another turn.

The first passenger to reach the end of the line and complete their journey wins. Keep playing until all trains have pulled in.

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