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First up: We’re buzzed to get those blooming blossoms pollinated in Hivernation 
Next up: We’re flamingo flinging row builders in Cubirds
And lastly: We’re freegan out as we trash match for the win in R-Eco


Designed by: Kit Daven, Sabrina Scalarini, Sean Chappell
Published by: Ramstar Games (Kickstarter)
Players: 2 – 4
Ages: 10 & up
Playing time: 10 – 30 min

In Hivernation, Bee the best you can Bee! A two-player or two-team tabletop strategy game. 

Each player receives a stack of 20 double sided, hexagonal bee tiles (one side Workers, one side Drones) as well as 3 specialty tiles chosen at random.

The Queen Zizi tile is placed in the center of the play space and players take turns playing tiles from their stack. They can attach to Queen Zizi or their own bees but not directly to their opponents bees. When the two sides meet, each player, on their turn, can start converting their opponents tiles to their own by sandwiching their opponents tiles between two of their own and flipping the tiles in between to show the opposite side. There are opportunities to flip tiles in multiple directions at once as well. When a player does this they’ve made a multi-directional play and they’re awarded another specialty tile chosen from the stack at random.

The winner is the player with more of their tiles face up when the first player runs out of bee tiles to play.


Designed by: Stefan Alexander
Published by: Catch Up Games (2018)
Players: 2 – 5
Ages: 8 & up
Playing time: 20 min

CuBirds is a card game. Cards with birds on them. Collect sets of birds to score points.

Players begin with eight bird cards in hand. Birds are also laid out in the middle of the table in community card fashion in 4 rows. Each row is called a fence.

On your turn, you lay a series of identical birds from your hand on one end of the fence. These birds instantly gather with any identical bird already present on this fence, making all birds placed in-between them fly into your hand. With enough identical birds in your hand, you can perform a flock, allowing you to add some of these birds in your scoring area.

Be the first player to collect seven different species, or two species with at least three identical birds in each. Each bird lists a small and a large score for flocks, so you may want to wait to reach a big flock to add more birds at once to your scoring area. Beware, though, as the round ends as soon as a player empties their hand, forcing all players to discard their current hands and plans!


Designed by: Susumu Kawasaki
Published by: Kawasaki Factory (2003)
Players: 2 – 5
Ages: 8 & up
Playing time: 20 min

R-Eco is a card collection game in which the idea is to turn in your garbage cards to one of the 4 correct recycling facilities.  

When a factory reaches 4 cards of the same type, the player contributing that 4th card receives a scoring card from the factory.  But you have to have two of the same kind of scoring card in order for the points to count. One scoring card gets you zilch.

Collect additional garbage cards from the dump each time you recycle. But 5 cards is the maximum hand. If you go over, you have to illegally dump, and that gets you negative points.

The player with the most points is the R-Eco Champion!

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