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First: We throw the dogs a bone and collect the finest hounds in … Good Puppers
Next: We hang with our besties, collect the coolest toys, and eat pizza  in … Fort
Lastly: We buy high and sell low … I mean we buy low and sell high in … Black Friday

Good Puppers

Designed by: Chris Cieslik
Published by: Asmadi Games (2021)
Players: 2 – 5
Ages: 9 & up
Playing time: 15 – 30 minutes

Good Puppers, is a set collection card game where your mission is to gather groups of dogs in your yard. The pooches will bury valuable, valuable bones that are worth BONE-US points! 

The deck contains 100 dogs across 10 different breeds. Collect sets of dogs and unlock their abilities to make the bones they bury even more valuable. The larger the stack, the more powerful each played doggo’s effect will be!

The basic rules: you have 3 dog cards in your hand, play one dog into your yard and activate their ability, then draw your hand back up to 3. Simple.

Each breed has its own unique rule for increasing the value of bones at the end of the game. And if you have a fear of dogs please don’t worry, this game is not so … Ruff


Designed by: Grant Rodiek
Published by: Leder Games (2020)
Players: 2 – 4
Ages: 10 & up
Playing time: 20 – 40 minutes

Fort is a deck building card game, and the theme is all about being kids, hanging with your friends, and ultimately, building the best fort in the neighborhood. As a kid, you want to grow your circle of friends, collect pizza and toys, which allows you to make upgrades to your fort’s level.

You start with 10 cards in your deck and draw 5 into your hand.  On your turn, you play cards and perform the actions for each card played. A card has 2 actions, a public action and a private action.  All players can partake in your public action, but not your private action. Actions include acquiring toys, acquiring pizza, upgrading your fort, discarding cards from the game, and of course, straight up VPs.

Any cards you do not play from your hand end up in your yard, and those friends become available for the other kids to take.

As your fort strength increases, you can hold more resources, and improve your fort’s lookout. You also unlock made-up rules and perks along the way.

Most VP’s win, and this game is appropriate for people of ALL ages … especially those in their … wait for it … FORTIES!

Black Friday

Designed by: Friedemann Friese
Published by: Rio Grande Games (2010)
Players: 2 – 5
Ages: 12 & up
Playing time: 55 minutes

In Black Friday, you are a stock trader, dealing in commodities, in a super-swingy world of markets.

You start with a modest amount of money to invest, trying to time the highs and lows of the markets.  Buy when the price is low, and sell when the price is high. Easier said than done. You can take subsidies from the government – but be careful, you owe interest on that money. The more you get subsidized, the more interest you owe, leaving you less money to invest in the markets. 

Your trades impact the market, but it is the Wall Street Journal triggered events that send the markets either soaring or reeling. A pick back is filled consisting of tokens representing the various stocks AND some black colored tokens which, when drawn, severely impact the value of some of the stocks.  As more black tokens get unlocked and thrown into the pick bag, the greater the chances of some very disastrous results.

Silver and Gold represent victory points, pick those up along the way as much as you can. The cost of silver in the game also acts as the game timer. As the cost goes up, the nearer the triggering of the end of the game.

A frighteningly realistic game that reflects the real dangers and opportunities of investing in the commodities market.

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