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First: We pool our resources to dethrone the monarchy in Regicide
Next: We’re city bus drivers choosing our own routes on the fly in Get on Board: New York & London
And lastly: We race our varmints across the dusty plains to the finish line in Lemminge


Designed by: Paul Abrahams, Luke Badger, Andy Richdale
Published by: Badgers from Mars (2020)
Players: 1 – 4
Ages: 10 & up
Playing time: 10 – 30 minutes

Regicide is a cooperative card game in which the goal for the players is to defeat all of the 12 face cards among a standard deck of 52 cards.  

Players will do this by utilizing the other 40 cards in the deck to fight against and defeat the face cards. Or if possible, the tem should try to capture the face cards and integrate them into the available pool of cards to help defeat the rest of the baddies.

First players will fight the Jacks, if they defeat the Jacks, then the Queens, and finally the Kings.

Players will play number cards, and the number is the amount of damage against the face cards. But beware, the face cards also deal damage against each player’s hand of cards. 

The suit will determine the special effect of the number cards. Spades are shields, hearts heal, clubs do double damage, and diamonds let you draw more cards.

For each face card baddie, their suit negates that power. So if a Jack of Spades is the enemy, then the spades suit power of shield is negated.

Players must defeat all 12 face cards before any one of the players loses all the cards in their hand.

Get on Board: New York & London

Designed by: Saashi
Published by: IELLO (2022)
Players: 2 – 5
Ages: 8 & up
Playing time: 30 minutes

Get On Board is an area control board game in which you are a bus driver who must make decisions on various types of passengers to collect, routes to drive along in the city, and reaching certain destination points. The goal is to plan the most efficient routes, which results in the greatest chances for the most points.

The board is a city grid (either NY or London depending on which side of the board you choose to play) and all the tracking of the bus routes, the passengers, and buildings are plotted on this city bus map.

Each turn a card is revealed that tells the players the type of route they can plan, both in length and shape. Sometimes you have to make a series of turns, and sometimes you just drive straight.

There are opportunities to alter your course, but doing so too much will earn you negative points. You also get negative points if you drive down a stretch that has already been driven by another player. 

SO what are we waiting for? Let’s Get On Board, on the board, the game board … you know.


Designed by: Sebastian Bleasdale
Published by: AMIGO (2014)
Players: 2 – 5
Ages: 8 & up
Playing time: 30 minutes

Lemminge is a race game in which players each have 2 lemmings they control. The goal is to be the first player to get both your lemmings over the finish line.

Cards each have a number, and a terrain. 6 different terrains – open grassland (no restrictions), other five are special – water, brown, desert, forest, mines

Cards played will determine the distance a melling can be moved. Play lower value cards  – or equal value cards – on top of each other – they have to be the same terrain  – and you can add the numbers to move that many spaces.  

Otherwise, 1 card, just move that many spaces, but when you do this, you receive a hex tile that acts as a barrier and you can put it on the board to inhibit your opponents.

Land on opponents, your opponent gets pushed forward.

Now let’s all do what everyone else is doing and follow them blindly into this review.

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