First Annual Which Game First Awards

Best Archeological Find: This award goes to the best game released more than 30 years ago. The version we played must be over 30 years old to be considered for this category.
Nominations: 221B Baker Street, Rich Uncle, Dune, Three On a Match, Anti-Monopoly

Best Ice-Breaker game: This award goes to the best casual game to play at parties.
Nominations: Deep Sea Adventure, Dixit, Happy Salmon, Love Letter
WINNER: Deep Sea Adventure

Best Art: This award goes to the game that has the most engaging or compelling use of art.
Nominations: Azul, Ex Libris, Lanterns, Muse, The Networks

Best Game Component:  This award goes to the game with the specific component that immediately brings you into the game.
Nominations: Celestia, Sagrada, Nuclear War, Tower of Madness
WINNER: Celestia

Best Shelfie: This award goes to the game that you are proud to show off, due to its overall production value and sleekness of the game’s box and components.
Nominations: Azul, Carson City, Gloomhaven, Twilight Imperium

Best Educational Game (Science or History): This award goes to the game that teaches you something cool about the subject while having fun!
Nominations: Automobile, Evolution: Climate, Suburbia, Anti-Monopoly
WINNER: Evolution: Climate

Best Strategy Game: This Award goes to the game that keeps you up late at night, wondering what strategy you’ll try next time…!
Nominations: Power Grid, Terraforming Mars, Twilight Imperium
WINNER: Twilight Imperium

Best Card Game: This Award goes the game that just about the cards, no board needed
Nominations: Android: Netrunner, Dominion, San Juan, Tichu
WINNER: Android: Netrunner

Best New Game:  This award goes to the best game published within the last 24 months, excluding reprints or new editions of older games.
Nominations: British vs Pirates, Century: Spice Road, Gloomhaven, Mountain of Madness
WINNER: Gloomhaven

Firstie Worstie: This award goes to the game where the best move is to bury it deep in the ground!
Nominations: Battle of the Sexes, Mid-Life Crisis, Pickles to Penguins, Eddie Cantor’s: Tell it to the Judge
WINNER: Battle of the Sexes

Games We Want to See in 2019

Publisher: Chip Theory Games
Estimated Release Date: June 2019

Trogdor!! The Board Game
Publisher: Homestar Runner
Estimated Release Date: June 2019

UBOOT: The Board Game
Publisher: PHALANX
Estimated Release Date: Q1 2019

War Room
Publisher:  Nightingale Games
Estimated Release Date: Early 2019

Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon
Publisher: Awaken Realms
Estimated Release Date: August 2019

Music from
“Ant Marching Band – Dave Girtsman” by user blimp66
“Orchestral Intro 2003-02-15 Buzz Lightyear”, by user balloonhead (Richard Wroblewski)

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