First up there’s no need to find a parking spot to get our DVD fix as we play at home in Blockbuster.
Next up it’s 2037 and boy do we wish there were Amazon Prime Red as we try to keep the supply lines running On Mars
And lastly we’re wolves of wall street playing a game of dueling fortunes in Ea$y Money.


Published by: Big Potato (2019)
4 – 10
12 & up
Playing time:
30 – 60 minutes

In Blockbuster, teams battle it out to become champions of movie knowledge with each round taking place over 2 phases.

First, in the Buzzer Battle phase, each team chooses a champion to go head to head. Teams are given a topic, such as “Movies with dogs”. one player starts the 15-second timer, yells out a relevant movie, then whacks the buzzer to reset the time. The other team is now in the hot seat and has to do the same. Whoever runs out of time hands the advantage to the other team.

Then in the Triple Charades Jeopardy phase, teams have to guess the movie while you have to give 3 different types of clues: act it out, use one word, or quote from it. If you run out time, the other team gets a chance to steal the movie!

The first team to collect movies from all eight genres wins the game!

On Mars

Designed by: Vital Lacerda
Published by:
Eagle-Gryphon Games (2020)
1 – 4
14 & up
Playing time:
90 – 150 min

In On Mars, players strive to develop the biggest, most advanced colony…on Mars.

During the colonization phase, each player takes actions depending on which side of the board they are on.

If you are in orbit; you can take blueprints, buy and develop technologies, and take supplies from the warehouse. 

If you are on the surface; you can construct buildings, upgrade buildings, take scientists and new contracts, welcome new ships, and explore the planet’s surface with your rover. 

In the shuttle phase, players may travel between the colony on the surface and the space station in orbit.

Once a total of three missions have been completed, the game ends. The player with the most Opportunity Points (OP) is declared the winner.

Do you dare take part in humankind’s biggest challenge?

Ea$y Money

Designed by: Michael Gray
Published by:
Milton Bradley (1988)
2 – 4
9 & up
Playing time:
30 min

In Ea$y Money, your goal is easy, risk it all to make millions! Greed is good!

On their turn, players roll dice and move around the board sharing a single token.

Follow the directions on the space either doubling their current money, landing on or passing an Easy Money space to collect one or two million dollars, collecting a Mystery Jackpot, holding a lottery, or playing on Wall Street. 

All money is taken from the huge pile in the center of the board. 

The game ends when all the money is taken from the board and the player with the most money wins.

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