Like so many of folklore’s most dreaded monsters, the difficult, gritty world of Bloodborne has taken new form: Bloodborne: The Board Game. Its Debut Trailer, closing in on 4.4M YouTube views since its uploading almost five years ago, describes its product as an “Action RPG” for the PlayStation 4. It is announced to be campaign-based, for up to four players striving to return sanity and light to the afflicted town of Yharnam.

But it has no intention of leaving you alone! It’s coming for us . . . into our homes, and onto our tables!

According to Ryan Meitzler at, The Kickstarter for Bloodborne: The Board Game is set to begin April 23 at 3pm.

The fans of Bloodborne are already themselves afflicted by insatiable thirst for this new horror experience, and details to come for those who dare to peruse the details in official announcements.
The prospects for containing Bloodborne may prove bleak indeed.

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