WGF went to Hartford, CT last weekend to check out ConnectiCon and the Connecticut Festival of Indie Games.

ConnectiCon‘s focus is on all things pop culture and does every genre of pop culture in as big a way as possible. The event attracts over 30,000 people to the city Hartford over the course of the event weekend, and plans to expand to other venues in downtown Hartford.

The Connecticut Festival of Indie Games (CT-FIG) celebrates independent game development in New England and neighboring regions. Our goal is to create an inclusive environment for everybody who enjoys and appreciates tabletop and digital games in whatever shape or form. The festival seeks to support and showcase the efforts of independent game developers. We encourage attendees of our annual festival to participate and play games with their designers throughout the event. The games featured at the annual festival are innovative and refreshing, demonstrating both the budding and the established talent of game makers in the American northeast. The Connecticut Festival of Indie Games is backed by Geek Fever Games, an independent game design company in central Connecticut. The Connecticut Festival of Indie Games strives to strengthen the game development industry of New England.

The event this year had 26 showcase exhibitors and 4 sponsors.

CONNECTICON will return to Hartford next year, July 11-19, 2019

The Boston Festival of Indie Games will take place in Cambridge, MA, on Saturday, Sep 29, 2018

CT-FIG Winners:
Best in Show & Best Presentation:
That’s Wizard by Matt Sorrentino

Runner Up:
Life Siphon by Lay Waste Games

Best Design in Progress:
Bloom by Stevo Torres and Yanaguana Games

Most Innovative:
Patrol: A Coloring Card Game by Adam The Impaler

Other games discussed:

Someone Has Died by Gather Round Games LLC

Clear the Deck by Crispy Games Co.   Kickstarter going on now until August 16

Fire Tower by Runaway Parade

Robots: Battle for the Coal Heart by Duncan Davis and Jackclyn Ngo

Blinks by Move 38

The Meeple Machine by Copper Frog Games  Kickstarter going on now until July 31

Brew Dice by FunWiz



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