We make great ad slogans for stuff like a Candy Crush Rehab Clinic in Clickbait
We dominate the Milky Way through our brilliant wielding of …Dice? in Roll for the Galaxy
We discover how many trivia questions is too many in Matter of Fact


Designed by: Reiner Knizia
Published by:
Big Potato (2018)
3 – 8
14 & up
Playing time:
20 min

In Clickbait players compete to write the flashiest tag lines for silly products.

Each round, the player designated as the judge flips over a product card and rolls the five dice, printed with letters. Then, using only the letters rolled as the first letter of each word, the other players write an advertisement for some of the strangest products that the internet has to offer. 

The judge picks their favorite clickbait and the winner keeps that card and becomes the judge for the next round.

The first player to write three pieces of award-winning clickbait wins!  If such a thing can be called winning.

Roll for the Galaxy

Designed by: Wei-Hwa Huang & Thomas Lehmann
Published by:
Rio Grande Games (2014)
2 – 5
14 & up
Playing time:
45 min

In Roll for the Galaxy, players build their Space Empire with DICE!

Each turn, you’ll roll dice representing your populace that you secretly direct to scout new options, develop technologies, settle worlds, produce goods, or ship the goods. 

Only Phases that were selected by players happen each round, so you’ll find ways to take advantage of your opponent’s actions.

The game ends when either all the VP tokens are gone, or a player had placed 12 tiles 

The player who built the most prosperous empire wins!

Matter of Fact

Published by: Game Development Group, Inc. (2013)
2 – 6 players or teams
16 & up

In Matter of Fact, players take on a real trivia challenge! It’s perfect for those who know a lot – or think they do… 

Every game card has seven questions around a main theme. The more questions you answer correctly, the more spaces you move along the board. Stumble too much and you might even have to move backwards. 

The first player or team to get to the finish line on the board, wins!

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