THIS WAR OF MINE: The Board Game, designed by Michal Oracz and Jakub Wisniewski, brought in over $600,000 British pounds in its Kickstarter project of May 2016 (over $700K American). In 2017, the game was released by Awaken Realms (and many other publishers).

“Not everyone in war is a soldier”, and the new board game, just like the video game, focuses on the daily struggles of civilians to survive, and stay sane, while trapped in an active war zone. They must search for food, obtaining medical care, and giving hope to neighbors and family.

People acquainted with the staff of Awaken Realms may notice personal friends of the designers being recruited to provide their likenesses to characters in the story. Here’s an excerpt on the process of character rendering from earlier in March:

“Meet Jacek. In real life, Jacek is the art producer for Frostpunk . . . another game that you probably know . . . As you may have heard, all soldiers and civilians in This War of Mine have their physical appearance based on ourselves, our friends, family members and colleagues. We’ve been doing it on purpose, to make characters as believable and lifelike as possible. Not some anonymous 3D models bought from an asset store, or shiny Hollywood-like models, but real people. Bald, skinny, chubby — just like ourselves.”

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