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Happy Salmon

A simple, fast-paced card game packed to the gills with high-fivin’, fin-flappin’ fun.

Designed by: Ken Gruhl & Quentin Weir
Published By: North Star Games (2016)
Players: 3 – 6
Time: 2+ min
Ages: 6+

Unearthed by: Mike

Mike saw the chaos of this game while at GenCon and decided to bring the rushing around to do fun and silly tasks to the WGF table.  

The Basics:

Each player gets a hand of cards with one of 4 different actions on it.   The actions are “High Five”, “Pound It”, “Switcheroo”, and the game’s namesake, “Happy Salmon”, where players lightly slap each other’s forearm. They need to perform the action with another player to discard. The first player to discard their last card and shout “FIN-ished” wins the game.


Die Macher

Lead your party through seven German state elections.

Designed by: Karl-Heinz Schmiel
Edition Played: Valley Games (2006)
First Published: Hans im Glück (1986)
Players: 3 – 5
Time: 2.5 – 3 hours
Ages: 14+

Unearthed by: Ed

Ed picked up this game while at the WBC (World Board Gaming Championships) in Seven Springs, PA and decided to bring this classic euro game of political planning and dealing to the WGF table.   

The Basics:

As the leader of a major political party, before each of 7 regional elections, you adjust your political platform, form your shadow cabinet, form coalitions, purchase media ads, and organize opinion polls.  Your most important resource is money and be careful not to spend it all and be left unable to respond to the maneuvers of your opponents. The party that gathers the most points wins the game.


A Study in Emerald

It is 1882 and the Old Ones are already here!  The horrors of Cthulu reign down across Europe.  The worlds of Sherlock Holmes and H. P. Lovecraft are combined with elements of 19th century history.

Designed by: Martin Wallace
Published by: Treefrog Games (2013)
Edition Played: Second Edition (2015)
Players: 2 – 5
Time: 60 min
Ages: 13+

Unearthed by: Joe

Joe brought this deck building game as a fan of Neil Gaimon’s short story of the same name.

The Basics:

Each player is assigned a secret identity, either Restorationist or Loyalist, each side with different goals.  Starting with a basic deck of 10 starting cards, players take two actions each turn to: place influence, claim a card, retrieve influence, move agents, and perform assassinations. At the end of the game, the player with the most points wins.

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