First up we find that guessing the answer is not as easy as 1-2-3 in Hintegers

Next, we burn rubber as we shift into pole position in Formula D racing

And lastly, we multitask our way to multiple victories! As we play a game within a Gameception!


Designed by: Frank Alberts, Russell Ng
Published by: Zafty Games (2018)
Players: 5 – 10
Ages: 8 & up
Playing time: 20 min

Each player is given a hand of 10 cards numbered 1-10.  Players take turns being hint givers, or guessers. The hint giver chooses a category card such as “furniture”, and shows it to the guessers.  

The hint giver then secretly choses one of his number cards and announces a clue of ONE WORD, related to the number and the category.

For example, if the hint giver reveals the category FURNITURE and secretly chose the number 2,  the hint giver may give the clue LOVESEAT.

The guessers then try to match the hint giver’s secret number.  If anyone guesses correctly, the hint giver (and all correct guessers) gets to discard their relevant number card.  The first person to have only 3 number cards left wins.

But there’s a catch: As the hint giver, you must have at least one person answer correctly, in order to discard your relevant number card (and get closer to winning!).  But you dont want too many people guessing correctly, because they will all get closer to winning too.  So clever clues are the key.

Formula D

Designed by: Laurent Lavaur, Eric Randall
Published by: Assmodee (2008)
Players: 2 – 10
Ages: 8 & up
Playing time: 60 min

Each player manages a car as it races around a Formula D track in Monaco, represented on a large game board. Each player also keeps track of the mechanical operation of their car on their own personal tracker called a “dashboard.”

At the start of your turn, you choose which gear to start in;  you can only shift up or down 1 gear per turn. The higher the gear you’re in, the faster you’ll go.  But be careful, because the track’s sharp curves and corners will damage your car if you take them too fast.  You keep track of your car’s damage on your dashboard; if your car gets too damaged, it is out of the game.

You roll dice to move spaces on the track.  When driving in higher gears, you get to roll a die with a higher range of numbers on it; making you go faster and cover more track.

And of course, the first player to get their car to the finish line wins the game.


Designed by: James Woodward
Published by: Triumvirate Games LLC (2017)
Players: 2 – 10
Ages: 8 & up
Playing time: All Game Day

Gameception is a game you can play while playing other games! It’s the game that plays all day.

At the start of Game Day, each player draws 2 cards. When someone triggers one of your cards, read it aloud and score it. Then draw a new card.

For example: “The Power Gamer” card says “If someone else tells a player what to do on their turn.” Get someone to slip up and score your card!

At the end of Game Day, tally all the cards you scored. The winner is the one with the most scored cards!

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