Did we unearth any hidden treasures you’ve been missing out on? Let’s find out!

First up, we dodge incoming eagles, and go off the deep end —  in Leaping Lemmings!
Next, we gather dark zealots to welcome the apocalypse, in Eschaton. . .
And lastly:  we swap, bid, steal, and match . . . in BUX!

Leaping Lemmings

Designed by: Rick Young & John Poniske
Published by: GMT Games (2010)
Players: 2 – 6
Ages: 13 & up
Time: 10 – 15 min / player

Set in the Rocky Mountains near Waterloo, Montana, Leaping Lemming pits genetic zoologists against each other, in a race to get their clan of cloned lemmings to successfully scurry forward to throw themselves over the cliff. Each scientist encourages their lemmings to grab enough air to impress the judges with their grace and technique! so that their final act will bring glory to their clan!

But look out! Two hungry eagles are already circling overhead, and there’s lots of treachery and trickery to guard against. The top lemming in each hex is the only one that can move, but is also the only one in imminent danger of becoming eagle chow. And while some lemmings take cover in the bushes, more courageous specimens run out into the open for the tasty pellets scattered across the board!

Today’s race is set to begin! The clans are all staged in the start area. YOU are in command. Can you lead your clan to victory?


Designed by: Petras Vaznelis, Adam Watts
Published by: Archon Games (2016)
Players: 2 – 6
Ages: 14 & up
Run time: 1 – 3 hours

Eschaton is a deck-building strategy game set of a world on the verge of the apocalypse. All players begin with the same basic cult deck, and an equal presence on the realm map. As the game progresses, each player utilizes the evil Influence of their existing Cultist cards to initiate new Cultists, relics, and friends into their deck. Cultists have different specialties: some are masters at arms, others wield powerful magic, and some swell the ranks of your followers!

In addition to enhancing their deck, players also battle for dominance over the map’s territories to gain special abilities and earn favor at the end of the game. Events and omens are revealed each round from a pre-arranged deck, until the glorious Apocalypse card is revealed (which destroys the world and brings forth the age of the Dark One).

Whoever has earned the greatest favor of their resplendent new master, wins the game.


Designed by: Sam Kjellman and Charles Phillips
Published by: NewsCool, Inc. (2004)
Players: 2 – 7
Ages: 10 & up

In this game, players try to build three card sets.  Players place their cards face up in front of them for all to see.  Each card has a traditional suit (club, heart, diamond or spade) prominently displayed in the center — and also a shape (an x, oval, square, or circle) displayed behind the suit.  

On your turn, you may do one of three things: 1) Draw 3 cards and put them up for bid; 2)  Force another player to swap one of their “unprotected cards”; or 3) Cash in any number of 3-card sets for chips!  

The Sets have different value based on how well they match.  Players can match just suits or shapes, but if they match everything — that’s where they’ll find the BIG BUX!

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