Designed by: Reiner Knizia (1992)
Published by:
Gamewright (2005)
2 – 6
10 & up
Time: ~ 20 minutes

You are dealt a hand of 6 cards. Most of the cards in this game are pirate ships or merchant ships, a few of them are Pirate Captains, and there is one Admiral. On your turn you may play a merchant ship in front of you, or if there is already a merchant ship out in front of a player, you may go after it by playing one of your pirate cards. Each pirate card has 1-4 skulls on it, showing how powerful the ship is.

Your opponents, on their turns, may send pirate ships to try to capture merchant ships as well. They may even go after the same merchant ships you’re going after. The player with the most pirate power (i.e., the most total skulls on their pirate cards) captures the merchant ship.

You may add one of the rare captain cards to your pirate ship to give it infinite strength; or the sole Admiral to give infinite strength to a merchant ship — thus giving you the win of that ship.  

The player who has garnered the most LOOT from all their captured ships wins the game.

Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer

Designed by:  John Fiorillo, Justin Gary
Published by: Stone Blade Entertainment (2010)
Players: 2 – 4
Ages: 13 & up
Time: 30 minutes

In Ascension, a deck-building game, you are warriors, building your army to save Vigil from the hordes of Samael, The Fallen God. Starting with the same 10-card deck, you play cards from your 5-card hand to gain Runes, Power, Honor, or other effects on the card.

There are 6 cards in a center row, that is replenished from a center deck. Runes are used to acquire Heroes or Constructs from the center row, or Mystics and Heavy Infantry, who are always ready to be added to your deck.

Power is used to defeat Monsters of the Fallen One in the center row, or Cultists, and collect the reward and Honor.   

When the Honor Pool runs out, the player with the most Honor Points on cards and from defeated Monsters, will lead his army to defeat the Fallen One and earn the title Godslayer!

Joe Name It

Designed by: Wendy Harris
Published by: Gamewright (2011)
Players: 4 – 10
Ages: 12 & up
Time: 15 minutes

The player whose first name is closest alphabetically to “Joe” goes first so that was easy for us to figure out. Right Joe?

Player take turns drawing a card. Roll the number die and then read the card aloud, filling in the blank with the number you rolled. The first player to correctly name something that fits the criteria keeps the card. If no one can think of a correct answer in a reasonable amount of time, “Joe” wins the card (not our Joe but the theoretical Joe for which the game is named). Place that card face up in the “Joe” pile in the center of the playing area.

The game ends as soon as either one player or Joe collects ten cards. If it’s an actual player, they win. If it’s Joe, everyone loses.

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