Modern Art

Buying and selling painting can be very lucrative business, if you have an eye for the art.

Designed by: Reiner Knizia
Edition Played: Cool Mini Or Not (2017)
Original Publisher: Hans im Glück (1992)
Players: 3 – 5
Time: 60 min
Ages: 14 +

Unearthed by: Ed

Ed brought this game to the table to showcase one of Knizia’s auction games and art is a favorite topic of discussion for the panel.

The Basics:

This is an auction game where you take the role of a Museum curator trying to buy and sell paintings at the best price.  The players are dealt a hand from a deck of paintings featuring 5-different modern artist.
Each round, players take turns auctioning a painting until 5 paintings from the same artist were collectively auctioned that round. Then everyone sells the paintings they acquired, paintings from the most popular artists (most auctioned) are more valuable, only the top 3 have value, so hopefully you chose wisely. Then a new round of auctions begins, with new values determined at the end of that round.  After 4 rounds, the player with the most money wins.


Twilight Imperium

An Epic Board Game of Conquest, Politics, and Trade

Designed by:  Christian T. Peterson
First Published: Fantasy Flight Games (1997)
Edition Played: Fantasy Flight Games, Fourth Edition (2017)
Players: 3-6 players
Time: 4-8 hrs
Ages: 14+

Unearthed by: Ed

Ed first played this game when the 2nd edition came out in 2000, and have loved the series since.  When the fourth edition came out at GENCON, he had to pick it as a true fan™.

The Basics:

In Twilight Imperium your interstellar empire is vying for galactic domination through military might, political maneuvering, technological prowess, and economic bargaining. After selecting one of eight strategy cards that determines initiative and provides a unique strategic action for that round, players take turns performing actions such as: moving fleets, claiming new planets, engaging in warfare, and trade with other empires. At the end of the round, players may claim objectives to earn Victory Points and gather in a grand council to vote on new laws and agendas that may shake up the galaxy. The first empire to reach 10 Victory Points claims the Imperial Throne and wins the game.


Cosmic Wimpout

A fast paced press your luck dice game of gaining points

Edition Played: Koplow Games (2016)
Players: 2-7
Time: 20 min
Ages: 7 up

Unearthed by: Celeste

Celeste first came across this game while working at her brother Perry’s Comics and Gaming store in the early 90’s and quickly became one of her favorite games of all time.   

The Basics:

This is a fast paced dice rolling game to gain enough points to win.  You try to match up 3 and 5 of a kind to get points. The dice have symbols and numbers on them.  you try to match up 3 or 5 of a kind with the symbols or numbers to get points.

The game has an outer space theme that shows in the names of the rules of all things:

  • Going Supernova
  • The Flaming Sun
  • The Futtless rule
  • Getting a Flash
  • The Train Wreck
  • The Guiding Light Rule
  • You May Not Want To But You Must
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