Pixel Glory

Designed by: Frank Alberts, Russell Ng
Published by: Zafty Games (2014)
Players: 2-4
Ages: 13 +
Time: 30 minutes

Pixel Glory begins with the “Town Phase”: you draft a deck of spells, trying to get the ones you want by skillful bidding. When this phase is over, you should have nine spells (and some basic attacks) at your disposal. Then, you take on the monsters in the “Dungeon Phase” ! Cast spells, or launch your basic attacks — you have to play all your cards, so don’t hold back. And don’t forget to keep track of which elemental forces can pay off with some extra damage.

All fame for a monster’s kill is given to whoever landed the final blow. Getting the most fame also wins you the game, so be vigilant!

Letter Tycoon

Designed by: Brad Brooks
Published by: Breaking Games, Squirmy Beast (2015)
Players: 2-5
Ages: 8+
Time: 30 minutes

At first this looks like a lot of board games, where you try to build the longest words to get points. But in Letter Tycoon, you get money — and stock!

You build words at least 3 letters long from the cards in your hand, and maybe also from the central pool of letters that can be used by anyone. You get cash for building words, which you can eventually spend on patenting one of the letters of the alphabet. After doing this, no one else may use the patented letter without paying you for each use!


Designed by: Anthony Conta
Published by: Mattel (2013)
Players: 3-20
Ages: 13+
Time: 30 minutes

Each player takes a turn as a “hiring manager”, where they get to give every other player a job interview! The HR director of the current turn gets to evaluate which one of the applicants gets offered the job.

But when a player is interviewed, they draw several cards which must be integrated into their answers. Some are absurd, some are scary and some are a bit racy. The challenge for each round’s applicants is to work the unexpected, random words and phrases on the drawn cards into their attempts at marketing themselves, in as seamless (or as entertaining) a manner as possible.

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