A quick push-your-luck dice game of erecting urban buildings

Designed by: David Short
Published By: Tasty Minstrel Games (2012)
Players: 1-4
Time: 15 min
Ages: 10+

Unearthed by
: Celeste

Celeste found Skyline’s small box on Ed’s shelves. She liked the unique looking dice, making her eager to roll them instantly.  And was fascinated by its origin as a reward for the Kickstarter funding campaign for Ground Floor.

The Basics:

Skyline is simple: The dice faces represent different types of floors for urban buildings. Some dice show the lower floors, some the middle floors and some the upper floors.  You roll these dice and use them as the building blocks of your buildings. You start with a ground floor and build up, just like real construction. Taller buildings are worth more points, but they are also more difficult to complete. The player with the most points wins.


Grand Austria Hotel

Compete for customers to transform your café into a world famous hotel.

Designed by: Simone Luciani and Virginio Gigli
Published By: Mayfair Games (2015)
Players: 2 – 4
Time: ~ 90 min
Ages: 12+

Unearthed by: Joe

Joe was intrigued by the game’s box art and pictures of the staff and guests situated in the hotel’s luxury just made it look like a fun place to be!

The Basics:

You are a sharp, driven, and dangerously charismatic hotelier at the height of Austria’s glory days. You stake your name and fortune on your hotel becoming the favored stomping grounds of the richest, savviest, most stylish Central European elites, who rapaciously consume prodigious quantities of your delicious cake in the afternoons — sip your fine wine by night — and pour out your hot, tasty coffee in the morning to nurse their hangovers. To win, you must even attract the attention of the Imperial family, until every other vacation destination in the world is in your shadow! Make Paris aspire to be the Vienna of Western Europe!


For Sale

Bid and bluff as you purchase properties to become the richest real estate mogul!

Designed by: Stefan Dorra
Published By: Ravensburger (1997)
Edition Played: Überplay (2005)
Players: 3 – 6
Time: ~ 15 min
Ages: 8+

Unearthed by: Ed

Ed enjoys this bidding/bluffing game that offers interesting strategies in a short playing time, he finds it to be a good filler game.

The Basics:

In the first half of the game, players first bid to buy the best properties (numbered 1 – 30) with their starting cash. Then, the players sell those properties vying for the highest value checks. The player with the most money wins.

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