First, we employ our devious schemes to crown our king in Somnium: The Rise of Laputa.

Next, we invite our sponging school chums to live large with us as we spend our inheritance like theres no tomorrow . . .  in Last Will

Finally, we conceal our secret word alphabetically, in Decipher.

Somnium: Rise of Laputa

Designed by: Ryan Doffek
Published by: Zafty Games (2019)
Players: 2-4
Ages: 13 & up
Playing time: 15 Min

In the game Somnium: Rise of Laputa, you are vying for the throne of a kingdom, from the perch of a magnetic, levitating island. Use your influence through events and characters to attract nobility to your cause! Deploy spies, propagandists, and assassins to sabotage your rivals. The first monarch to reach 20 influence becomes the sovereign ruler of Laputa.

Last Will

Designed by: Vladimír Suchý
Published by: Czech Games Edition & Rio Grande Games (2011)
Players: 2 – 5
Ages: 13 & up
Playing time: 45–75 Min

In Last Will, your rich uncle stated that all of his millions will go to the niece or nephew who can enjoy his money the most! You will each be given a large amount of money, and whoever can spend it first will be the rightful heir. Visit exclusive theatres! Eat in the most expensive restaurants! Buy old properties for the price of new ones — and sell them as ruins. Host a huge party in your mansion or on your private boat. Spend to become rich! If you’re the first to run through the money on hand, you’ll receive the bulk of your uncle’s inheritance – oh, and win the game.


Designed by: (uncredited)
Published by: Pressman Toy Corp. (1972)
Players: 2
Ages: 8 & up
Playing time: 20 min

In Decipher, two players square off in an attempt to figure out the 5 letter word their opponent has chosen.

Each player has 25 tiles, letters A thru Z (x and y share one tile).  From their own set of tiles, each player crafts a 5-letter word for their opponent to try and guess. The remaining 20 tiles are kept in numerical order.

Your opponent is going to call out a number one through twenty, trying to discern what letters were  (or were not) used in the creation of your word.

Play goes back and forth, each player guessing 1 letter at a time. With each turn, a player gets one attempt to decipher the word. The first player to guess correctly wins, and then receives a call from the CIA cryptography recruitment center.

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