Spyfall 2

An easy-to-learn card game of bluffing, probing questions, clever answers, and suspicion.

Designed by: Alexandr Ushan
Published By: Cryptozoic (2017)
Players: 3-12
Time: 30 min
Ages: 13+

Unearthed by: Mike

Mike discovered Spyfall at a game designers convention in New Jersey called Metatopia, playing the game with fellow designers and was instantly hooked. He brought this to the WGF table to see how we do at a social deduction game.

The Basics (from rulebook):

At the start of each round, players receive a secret card letting them know where they are – a vineyard, jail, coal mine, gas station (20 unique locations!) – Except that one player receives the SPY card instead of the location. The Spy doesn’t know where he is, but wins the round if he can figure it out before he blows his cover!

Players then start asking each other questions during the intense 8-minute rounds. Non-Spy players want to ask questions and give answers that prove to the other players that they know where they are. But watch out! If your questions and answers are too specific, the Spy will easily guess the location and win, so you need to practice a bit of subtlety. But if your questions and answers are too generic, you might be accused of being the Spy. The Spy will also sometimes be asked questions (just like any other player would) and have to come up with questions of his own, without knowing anything about where he is! If you listened carefully to the other players, you’ll be able to come up with a plausible question or answer… hopefully.



  1. The Great Fire has devastated the city, and all that’s left is to rebuild.

Designed by: Martin Wallace
First Published: Treefrog in 2010
Edition Played: 2nd Edition from Osprey Games (2017)
Players:  2 – 4
Time: 60 – 90 min
Ages: 14+

Unearthed by:  Ed

Ed has played the first edition and, as a fan of Martin Wallace, picked up the new edition which modifies some of the mechanics and replaces the board with a new deck of large cards.

The Basics:

In London, you take the role of a prominent architect, tasked with rebuilding the city after the Great Fire of 1666.  Players start with 5 pounds and a hand of cards. On your turn, you first draw a card, then take an action. Actions can be drawing 3 more cards, developing your city, running your city, or buying land.  Running the city will give you different benefits depending on how you’ve developed the city, but will also generate poverty based on the size of the city. Buying land will grant prestige and reduce poverty.  The game ends after the city deck runs out, the player with the most Prestige wins the game.


The T-Shirt Game

The party game wear funny matters!

Designed by: Garrett J. Donner, Wendy L. Harris, Michael S. Steer
Published By: Buffalo Games (2007)
Players: 3 - 6
Time: 30 min
Ages: 14+

Unearthed by: Celeste

Celeste found this game at a downtown thrift store.  She brought it to the WGF table because she loves card judging games and, like most things she loves, she likes to experience them in as many iterations as possible, which, she says has led her to sit through some spectacularly eccentric productions of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The Basics:

Everyone is dealt five Slogan cards each with a T-shirt slogan on it.  The judge player of that round draws a T-shirt card with a picture that she will judge.  Everyone gives a slogan card to the judge who then picks the slogan she thinks best matches her T-Shirt’s image.  The owner of that slogan card wins the round.

There is a small additional game mechanic here;  the winner of each round doesn’t get the same points for winning. Rather, each winner draws a “Hot or Not” card which has a funny explanation as to how well or poorly your t-shirt fared at market and awards points accordingly.

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