Live in the town of tomorrow … TODAY!

Designed by: Ted Alspach
Published By: Bézier Games (2012)
Players: 1-4
Time: 90 min
Ages: 8+

Unearthed by:  Ed

Ed brought this Mensa Select winner to the Which Game First table to indulge his nostalgia for the age of great city-building games.

The Basics:

Suburbia is a tile-laying game where you develop your small borough into a critical hub of a thriving metropolis. As you might have guessed, good planning is critical, but so is adapting to the ever-changing cityscape. New tiles are added every turn, bringing new residential, commercial, civic and industrial developments.  These all affect your income, reputation, and population. If your borough ends up with the most people, you’ve won — and made the whole city your oyster.

Ex Libris

Collect the best books to become the village’s Grand Librarian!

Designed by:  Adam P. McIver
Published By:  Renegade Game Studios (2017)
Players: 1 – 4
Time:  45 min
Ages:  10 +

Unearthed by: Joe

Joe brought this game to the WGF table because he was intrigued by game where setting things into alphabetical order holds such a high priority.

The Basics:

The game’s set in a gnomish village, casting the players as book collectors in a high-adventure fantasy world.  And as you might suspect with such a premise, the gnomes aren’t just reading the books to kill time, they’re researching contingency plans for messing with the next dragon attack or undead uprising. That’s why the town’s new position of Grand Librarian is both lucrative AND prestigious. And THAT’S why all the players are trying to grab that position — by winning the contest for who builds the best book collection.

In Pursuit

Lead, follow or jump ship!

Designed by:  Rob Daviau, Dan Sanfilippo
Published By:  Hasbro (2001)
Players:  4 to 8 players in teams
Ages:  Adults

Unearthed by:  Celeste

Celeste brought this innovative Trivial Pursuit spin-off to the WGF table — hoping the two-team play style would quicken the game’s pace while also providing a more social experience. Find out if she’s right!

The Basics:

The players are divided into two teams (red and blue), competing on trivia questions in the same style as Trivial Pursuit.  However, regardless of what team you’re on, only one player can win, so there’s ample opportunities for coups and betrayal: take over the captain’s chair from your team leader, or even jump to the other team! Do whatever you have to do to answer the final, winning question!

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