The Game

Designed by: Steffen Benndorf
Published By: IDW Games and Pandasaurus Games (2015)
Players: 1 – 5
Ages: 8 +
Time: 20 min

Unearthed by:  Celeste

Players start with a hand of cards from a deck with cards numbered from 1 to 100.  There are four discard piles in the center of the table: two for counting up to 100 and two for counting down to 1. On their turn, each player must discard at least two cards from their hand onto one or more discard piles.  The rule for placing a card is simple: If you are placing it on a “decreasing” pile it must be lower than the number currently there; if you place it on an “increasing” pile it must be higher than the card already there. Then players draw new cards into their hands.  

The game ends when all players run out of cards (and everybody wins!) . . . or it doesn’t, and everyone fails.

The twist: you can’t reveal — or even communicate — the exact numbers on your cards. So to get all the cards played, everyone must communicate very creatively.



Designed by: Curt Covert
Published By: Smirk & Dagger Games (2015)
Players: 3 – 6
Ages: 14 +
Time: 45 – 60 min

Unearthed by: Ed

In the drafting phase, players are dealt a hand of 5 cards, from which they first pass three cards, then pass two cards; and finally one card to the next player.

In the resolution phase, the results of five different suit effects are resolved:

A “conspiracy” of 5 Ravens ends the round, giving that player a VP and dealing all other players 1 damage. Otherwise, in order, the suits are resolved, with the player(s) playing most cards of that suit gets the benefit of that suit’s ability;

Attack allows you to deal damage.

Healing allows you to heal damage.

Radiance gains you Light Magick cards.

Victory gains you Victory Points.

Ravens are generally undesired, as they will force to you discard cards from the other suits, but having the most leftover ravens gains you Shadow Magick cards.

If your health drops to 0, you become a Raven. Ravens are unable to win, but are able to peck other players for damage, and may try to transform back into a human.

The last Human standing, or the first to score 6 VP, wins the game.


Round About Ludo

Designed by: uncredited
Published By: BRIO (1975)
Players: 2 – 4
Ages: 5 +

Unearthed by: Evan

Each player begins the game with 4 pieces in their starting position. To get on to the board, roll a 1 or a 6, and you’re in. Work your pieces around the rings (starting with the outermost). The rings are interconnected at strategic points, so aiming for those spots can help you move to the inner rings. Get to the last ring in the board’s center, land on one of the magic ending spaces, and you win!

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