The Networks

Bring your Public Access TV network into Prime Time

Designed by: Gil Hova
Edition Played: Formal Ferret Games (2016)
Players: 1 – 5
Time: 60 – 90 min
Ages: 13+

Unearthed by: Ed

Ed was first introduced to this game during playtesting at Metatopia, and brought this game to the table because it pokes fun at TV networks and the panel loves silly puns.

The Basics:

In The Networks, you are the owner of a TV station with three awful public access shows, but with a small amount of cash and great ambition, you plan to lure the most viewers and break into prime time.

Each season you take turns trying to improve your network by developing the best new shows, signing the most popular stars, or landing the most lucrative ads.  Focusing on a genre, will get a bonus for your network. Manage your cash and keep an eye on your lineup as shows age at the end of each season. And you may want to pass early to budget for the big shows and stars that will be available next season.  

After 5 seasons, the player with the most viewers wins the game.


A game of chip-collecting and card development to craft the best gems

Designed by: Marc André
Edition Played: Space Cowboys / Asmodee (2014)
Players: 2-4 players
Time: ~ 30 min
Ages: 10+

Unearthed by: Ed

Ed brought this simple engine building game to the table because it has attractive components and art, while also being easy to learn and play.

The Basics:

In Splendor, you take on the role of a rich merchant during the Renaissance, acquiring resources, mines, and artisans to turn raw gems into beautiful jewels.

On your turn, you will perform one of four actions.  1) Take three gems of different colors; 2) Take two Gems of the same color; 3) Reserve a development card and take one Gold coin; 4) Purchase a development card (from display or your reserve).  Development cards provide “Prestige Points” and certain sets of developments may earn “Noble Tiles”, which provide additional Prestige. The final round is triggered when a player reaches 15 points and the player with the most Prestige points wins.

Sharp Shooters

Take a risk. Give it a roll. Play the game.

Designed by: Jeffrey Breslow, Howard J. Morrison, Rouben Terzian
Edition Played: Milton Bradley Company (1994)
Players: 2 – 6
Time: ~ 10 – 20 min
Ages: 12+

Unearthed by: Celeste

Celeste found this game at one of her nearby big-box chain thrift stores and brought it to the table because she had to show us the classic 90’s style promo photo on the back of the box and of course she loves dice and this game boasts a lot of them.

The Basics:

Players roll dice to build rows on a common reference card. Win chips by pacing the last die in a row. Score for straights, full houses, 4 of a kind, and more.

Each player is given a bunch of standard six sided dice.  On your turn, first you roll 5 dice into the green felt covered plastic bin.  Then you must place at least one of the rolled dice on the reference card, trying to make winning sets while avoiding losing sets.  You win casino chips for making winning sets and lose them for making losing sets. Once all the sets on the card are made a new reference card is pulled, starting a new round of play. After the 6th card and round is complete, the player with the most chips wins.


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