Titan Race

Designed by: Julian Allain
Published by: Funforge (2015)
Number of Players: 2 – 6
Ages: 8 & up
Run time: 30 min

If you’ve always wanted to race Godzilla-sized monsters in a no-holds-barred, full-tilt race around your kitchenette, this game’s for you!  Push your competitors into harm’s way while chasing victory through a hurricane jam-packed with horrifying monsters who are all just as wild and reckless as you are!

KeyForge: Call of the Archons

Designed by: Richard Garfield
Published by: Fantasy Flight Games (2018)
Number of Players: 2
Ages: 14 & up
Run time: 45 min

In a crowded field of sci-fi / fantasy card games, Keyforge is blazing new trails. Each deck is not only unique — yes, actually unique! — but the game forces you to re-calibrate your choices on the fly, every single turn. Sure, you crush your opponent’s minions while yours are getting crushed in turn, but that’s not the point of the game. It’s a race to build your engine, but that’s not the point either. The point is to build three Keys, so reap the Æmber!

Dracula’s Feast

Designed by: Peter C. Hayward
Published by: Jellybean Games (2017)
Number of Players: 4 – 8
Ages: 10 & up
Run time: 10 – 15 min

Everyone knows Dracula loves parties, but do you know who all the guests are? Most of them have their own agendas; they may even be watching their backs! Each turn you choose an option (you can question other players, dance with them, and more) as you try to be the first to successfully identify all the guests. Be careful not to throw wild guesses around, or you might end up getting banished!

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