First up we make the tastiest pizza pie with a flick of the wrist in Top This!
Second will our 3D structures leads us to the laws in Zendo.
And lastly we try not to pull our hair out as someone slams a Q in your 22 in Fluster.

Top This!

Designed by: Yves Tourigny
Published by: UniForge Games
Players: 2 – 5
Ages: 6 & up
Time: 30 minutes

Top This! is a game about making pizza to order. Your dough is perfect, your sauce impeccable! The only other variable is . . . can you get all your customers just the right toppings? Sounds easy so far, but the obstacle is how you get them on the crust. You flick the round topping tokens around the dough, perfecting your customer’s orders. Can you also mess up the orders of your co-workers in your quest to be the best pizza aficionado? Well, sure, but it’s not like you’d ever do that on purpose!


Designed by: Kory Heath, Andrew Looney
Published by:
Looney Labs (2001)
We played the 2nd Edition released in 2017
2 – 6
12 & up
Run time:
15 – 60 min

Zendo is a inductive logic game in which players attempt ascertain the secret rule.

First, the Moderator builds two structures out colored of pyramids, blocks and wedges, one that follows the secret rule and one that doesn’t, and marks them accordingly.

Then players build take turns building a little structures and then has two options:
1) TELL, where the moderator mark it with a black or white token to indicate that it follows, or doesn’t follow the secret rule, or
2) QUIZ, where all players can earn a guess token for correctly guessing if the new structure follows the secret rule.

If the player has a guess token, they may spend one of these tokens for a chance to guess the secret rule and win the game!


Designed by:  (Uncredited)
Published by: Parker Brothers
Players: 2 – 4
Ages: 8 & up
Time: 20 minutes

Fluster is nothing short of vicious. The two 5×5 grids you have to work with gradually fill with letters — and, occasionally, blank spaces — and you’re hoping to end up with lots of words. Will you take it easy on your opponents, fertilizing the available space with S’s, T’s, and vowels, while successfully encouraging everybody else to do the same? Or will you play brutal, turning everyone’s grids into a desolate wasteland of Q’s and J’s?

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