First up we brave the waves and the sea monsters to garner the goods in Tricky Tides.
Next we build victory one mole at a time in Periodic: A Game of the Elements.
And lastly we’re making our way in the world today or rather in the 80’s most popular sitcom as we play: Cheers

Tricky Tides

Designed by: Steven Aramini
Published by:
Gold Seal Games & Zafty Games (2019)
2 – 4
12 & up
Playing time:
30 – 45 min

In Tricky Tides, players take command of a merchant ship and manage their hand of navigation cards and the goods in their ship’s cargo hold as they chart a course to earn gold.

Each turn, Navigation cards are played to determine turn order and the direction players can move their ships that turn. But in a tricky twist, you must follow the suit played by the leader if you can. 

Travel from island to island collecting goods and delivering them to earn the most gold. But beware the monsters and tricky tides along your route, they might setback your efforts.

The player who ends the game with the most gold is the winner, and becomes the master navigator of the Tricky Tides!

Periodic: A Game of The Elements

Designed by: John Coveyou, Paul Salomon
Published by:
Genius Games (2019)
2 – 5
10 & up
Playing time:
40 – 60 min

In Periodic: A Game of the Elements, players maneuver across and around the Periodic Table researching elements to score points.

Each turn, players use energy to activate periodic trends and move in the corresponding directions. The conservation of energy forces players to spend carefully and play efficiently. The game ends when someone completes the research track or when a stack of goal cards is depleted. 

The player with the most points at the end of the game wins, and may claim the title of Periodic Table Master of the Elements.


Published by: Classic Games (1992)
2 – 8
12 & up

In Cheers, you move around the bar trying to collect a complete set of 5 wooden nickels by correctly answering trivia questions about the show.

Each turn you spin a spinner and move that many spaces, and must answer a multiple choice trivia question to move again. 

If you land on one of the wooden nickel spaces, you must answer a Norm or Cliff question to earn the token.

First player to collect a set of 5 tokens wins the game.

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