First ― Toot Toot! ― we load up from engine to caboose to get on track to victory in Yardmaster.

Next, we’ve robbed the bank. Now all we gotta do is to get away clean in Escape Plan . . .

And lastly, who can scale the treacherous desert cliffs to get to the treasure first, in Geronimo? 


Designed by: Steven Aramini
Published by:
Crash Games (2014)
2 – 5
13 & up
Playing time:
20 min

At game start, each player has 5 cargo cards in their hand, each representing 1 unit of a specific cargo. In the center of the play area is four railcar cards, each marked with numbers ranged from 1 to 4, representing a specific type of cargo indicated by the card’s color (blue for coal, red for livestock, and so on). The numbers on the train cards are ALSO important in that every card you add to the end of your train must match the number OR color of the rail car directly in front of it. The game ends when the numbers on one player’s train add up to 18 for a game with 2 or 3 players, or 16 for a game with 4 or 5 players.

Escape Plan

Designed by: Vital Lacerda
Published by:
Eagle-Gryphon Games (2019)
1 – 5
12 & up
Playing time:
60 – 120 min

In Escape Plan, you and your fellow thieves are laying low and enjoying the good life after a successful bank heist. But somehow the police got tipped off and are closing in!  

You have 3 days to move on a modular board, trying to reach the best spots to recover your loot and escape from the city with more money than the other thieves. You’ll have 3 – 5 actions each day to visit locations that aids your plan by using gangs, mules, snitches, and other contacts you have in the city.

Setting the police on the trail of your former colleagues will give you a better chance of escape, but maybe the other thieves are thinking the same thing…?

Grab the CASH, Avoid the POLICE, Plan Your ESCAPE! 


Published by: Omnia (1976)
2 – 4
8 & up

Geronimo is “a 3-D board game based on the hunt for Geronimo’s treasure”. Two to four players each use three figures to race across the board, acquire CLIMB cards, scale the cliffs and reach the treasure first. Along the way they can also acquire DESTROY cards and use them to slow an opponent — possibly even sending one of his figures back to the start.

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