Did we unearth any hidden treasures you’ve been missing out on? Let’s find out!

First, we strike out into our own kitchens and living rooms to find the Yeti in the House!
Next, we struggle to become the hero who gets to dispatch the big villain in Ambyria: Shroud of the Shadow Demon!
And lastly, we stick some lumber in their teeth in Slapshot!

Yeti in the House

Designed by: Naotaka Shimamoto
Published by: itten (2018)
Players: 2 +
Ages: 6 & up
Time: ~ 20 min

A contest between two groups: The Yeti Team and the Search Squad.

The Yeti has come down from the mountains and is now in hiding in your house. He doesn’t want to be found but secretly wishes someone would come and search for him. So he leaves behind a photograph as a clue about where he might be. The search squad must find him based on the photograph.

The Yeti hides the Yeti meeple and the footprint tokens, and then takes a picture of where the Yeti figurine is hidden. The players in the Search Squad check the photo, to guess where the Yeti is hidden (without moving away from the search point,

  1. Take a picture of the place where the Yeti’s hiding. You can process the photo however you like.
  2. The players playing as the Search Squad checks the photo and makes a guess about the hiding place without moving away from the search point.
  3. The Search Squad wins if they correctly guess the Yeti’s hiding place. If the Search Squad finds a footprint instead, then the Yeti wins.

Ambyria: Shroud of the Shadow Demon

Published by: Paw-Warrior Games (2016)
Players: 2 – 4
Ages: 12+
Run time:
25 – 45 min

There are FOUR mighty heroes ready to take down Ingduhl, the Shadow Demon. But only one will actually get to do it! The honor will go to whichever hero collects the most Ember stones.

This card game has a complex layout, but simple play. Four “modes” each give the game a unique rules tweak, which will likely change now and then. The cards you play gradually fill up your “Emberscape”, in the center of your play area; when this area is full, you get points for all the cards you had in it, then start to re-fill it again.

Play is straightforward enough that the heroes must turn on each other if they wish to win!


Designed by: Tom Dalgliesh, Ron Gibson, John Gordon, & Lance Gutteridge
Published by: Columbia Games (2010)
Players: 2-10
Ages: 8+
Time: 30 min

You are in charge of a hockey team, consisting of 2 defensemen, 3 forwards and a goalie. Each player has a different strength level (ranging from ½ to 10). When you play a hockey game, after mixing up the 6 current members of your team, you play a mini-game of “war”. When two hockey players contend on the ice, the one with the higher number wins — but some hockey players are “bruisers”, who always injure whoever’s opposing them. It’s not just luck, though — the action means you get to see a lot of your opponent’s cards. And if you can remember what you saw, and who holds certain players in their hands, you will have a consistent advantage!

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